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Misako Rigden

In 1999, Misako came to England to study horticulture. Her aim was to gain the knowledge and experience of English gardening techniques to create gardens full of flowers in Japan.

During her studies, she met her husband Mike, and settled with him in Kent. Now a permanent resident in Britain, she is employed as an experienced garden designer, working for historic gardens in England.

An expert in her field, she has an extensive knowledge of both English and Japanese styles of gardening. Her forte is designing and creating flowerbeds and borders that are in harmony with the overall atmosphere and historic background of the garden.

Educated at Osaka University of Foreign Studies in Japan , Misako read French, specialising in philosophy and literature. She followed this achievement by gaining a place at l'Universite de Bourgogne in France, where she attained an in-depth understanding of the Western culture.

Training as a high school teacher in social science at the same time, she has a sound, concise and non-biased knowledge of European history.

Before her dramatic career change in 1999, Misako worked for a Japanese Overseas Trading Company. Travelling around the world on business trips making use of her English and French language skills, she was frequently called upon to show her clients around places of local interest.

With her outstanding knowledge of recent gardening trends and her unique position of living between two cultures, Misako is fast becoming a spokesperson of English gardening aimed towards a Japanese audience.

As a principle member of the Japanese Branch of the Royal Horticultural Society she is in demand as a garden guide for the world famous London Flower Shows, including the prestigious Chelsea Flower Show.

Combining her exceptional understanding of English garden history and her experience of guiding both individuals and small groups, Misako delights in sharing with her clients, her knowledge of the different styles and historic importance of more than eighteen well-known gardens in England.

Misako has also had articles published in Japanese newspapers and gardening magazines.

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