Cathedrals in Kent

When it comes to majestic places of Christian worship, awe-inspiring architecture, jaw-dropping history, and the highest heritage rating, very few places can rival the cathedrals and churches in Kent. Tour the realm with us and discover some of the oldest cathedrals and churches in England, which house outstanding heritage and art. Learn about the coming of Christianity to England as you immerse yourself in Kent’s sacred places. Experience the majesty and lofty grandeur of human engineering, and find peace and solace among the ancient walls of this beautiful countryside, which whisper tales of salvation, mystery, murder, and intrigue.

Where Can We Take You?

We will always work with our clients to find out where they would like to go and what places of interest they would like to visit, and we will make our own suggestions to create a truly memorable and enjoyable trip.

Our churches and cathedrals tour is a real treat for the whole family and it is truly irresistible to history lovers. There is something of interest for everyone on our tours around Canterbury from the young to the old, and our days are filled with lots of fun as we share many wonderful stories and anecdotes of these ancient places of worship in the South-East corner of England.

Our tours are tailor-made to suit each individual client, and the itinerary can include cathedrals, churches, castles, and gardens but here are just a handful of examples of ancient places of worship we can visit as we tour the realm together.


Tours around Canterbury

Join our action-packed tour of Canterbury and visit the unique architecture and historically significant buildings and stores that can be found here.

Canterbury Cathedral is a must-see for all visitors to the South-East corner of England. It is the oldest and most famous Christian structure in England, part of a World Heritage Site and the seat of the Archbishop of Canterbury, the leader of the worldwide Anglican Church. Founded in 597AD, this building has spanned through many centuries and it is steeped in mystery and legend.

Witness the story of Archbishop Thomas Becket, who was assassinated in the Cathedral in 1170, come alive as we trace the footsteps of his murderers and learn about his fate. Sit back and relax as we drive down the lanes following the pilgrims’ routes on their way to venerate the site of Becket’s murder at the Cathedral.

No visit to Canterbury is complete without a pilgrimage to the ancient grounds of St Augustine’s Abbey. Originally created as a burial place for the Anglo-Saxon kings of Kent, this abbey is often missed by visitors. The Abbey was founded by St Augustine in the sixth century, and it plays a very important role in the coming of Christianity to England.

St Martin’s Church in Canterbury is England’s oldest parish church that has been in continuous use since the Roman times in the fourth century. It sits on a hill overlooking St Augustine’s Abbey and Canterbury Cathedral, and together they form the Canterbury World Heritage Site (UNESCO), which records the coming of Christianity to England in 597AD.

Rochester Cathedral’s magnificent history and heritage can be found in its stunning architecture. Christianity has been celebrated here since 604AD and its walls hum of the prayers of thousands of years. This stunning cathedral houses one of the most important documents in English history, the only surviving copy of Textus Roffensis, the first code of English law, which influenced the wording of the famous Magna Carta, which was signed by King John in 1215.

Our tours will sometimes take you off the beaten track and we will introduce you to less well-known places with intriguing pasts.

We meander through the genteel countryside discovering tiny villages and ancient churches in Kent, such as St Nicholas’ Church in Barfreston, a tiny little church which is a hidden gem of Norman architecture, and St James’ Church, Cooling which inspired Charles Dickens’ opening chapter of his novel Great Expectations. This church is a fusion of old and new, and intriguingly the vestry walls are lined from top to bottom with thousands of cockle shells – the emblem of St James.


Medieval England

As our day unfolds, our tour takes us to the historic and almost immaculately preserved medieval town of Sandwich, which was once the principle Cinque Port on the South coast of England, even though it now lies 2 miles away from the sea. The town of Sandwich boasts many original medieval buildings which house beautiful medieval relics, wall paintings, and medieval stained glass. No pilgrim to Sandwich can leave without a visit to one of the many listed public houses, and the beautifully preserved gates in the old town walls.

You can also get a unique perspective on England’s most complete medieval town from higher ground, and take a journey through the ages as you ascend the tower of the medieval Church of St Peter. On a very clear day, you may be in luck and even catch a fleeting glimpse of France over the English Chanel.


What Can You Expect from our Tours of the Realm?

Our Tours of the Realm are always very popular. Our clients tell us that it is often the highlight of their visit to England as we share many intriguing stories, go off the beaten track to find untold tales of old, which cannot be found in tour guides and we delight in making history books come alive. We always make sure that we leave plenty of time for our clients to soak up the atmosphere of a place, and we structure the days to be informative and relaxed.

No tour is complete without stopping for a bite to eat in a quintessentially English pub that has stood the test of time and welcomed many visitors over the years with an inviting crackling fire and hops drying in the eaves.

We are passionate about Kent, and we believe that this region is one of the most intriguing, historically rich and most beautiful parts of England to visit, a real must see for all visitors to Great Britain. Our desire is to immerse our clients into this country’s rich history, to introduce you to key characters and events throughout the ages and to retrace the steps of kings, queens, princes, and paupers to let you truly experience what it must have been like to live here.

We will always work with our clients to design their perfect itinerary based on their preferences, and if you do not have a wish-list, we will make suggestions to help you make the most of your visit to

lEngland.  We aim to make every trip relaxed, enjoyable, informative but above all else lots of fun.

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